Hyperlight v.1.4.0


Get ready for the gaming experience, which you have not encountered: high speed and psychedelia - ready for Hyperlight! In the game you will chase the crowd space creatures, but you can at the time to break them into pieces with the speed of light!
Remember the cardinal rule is to maneuver (dodge) to survive and attack.
Banks, to move away from attacks, attack and defend!
Hyperlight - an innovative action style game where the gameplay is centered on the use of the accelerometer, where you control a spaceship, depending on the inclination of the device up to a speed greater than the speed of light, becoming a lethal weapon that can hit any enemy!
Have you ever run indestructible comet?
Maybe you used to play a lot of action games that promise you a quick and dynamic gameplay, but hardly did you play in something similar to what you are offering Hyperlight! Your engine has cut BCC (above the speed of light) and tear beyond infinity, leaving a scorched wasteland around him!
Maneuver to be the most lethal weapon!
When you first enter into such a game, enemies will fear you because in Hyperlight your spaceship can turn into the most dangerous weapon, super-weapon that can destroy the endless space horrible creatures that would otherwise occupy the galaxy.
But, stop the machine! We can not maneuver forever!
You can increase the destructive power of using various bonuses and deadly weapons scattered throughout the levels, but always check the availability of support VSS, you do not want to become a weak prey! Also, if you aspire to a galactic account, try to spend as more sophisticated and effective combination during the attacks for the mass extermination of the enemy!
Two game modes to heat up.
In Hyperlight there are two modes of play. (More - more!)
Arcade Mode - long and hard, with a strategic approach that includes exciting battles with the bosses.
Endless Mode - a more immediate, just to quickly satisfy you.

- Universal program: go to HD to HD-devaysakh!
- Innovative gameplay: lean to move, attack and defend!
- No complicated controls - use the accelerometer.
- Impressive 2.5D graphics in the style of neon and animated background.
- High quality FX, particle effects, fading and so on.
- Funky music, from techno to hard metal.
- Arcade mode with 40 different levels.
- Endless modes for endless fun!
- A lot of different enemies with different attacking formations.
- 8 challenging battles with the bosses.
- 10 Special bonuses and destructive weapons.
- Support network Open Feint.
- The best results, both online and offline.
- 24 pieces of achievement.
- Powered by Unity3D.

Excellent performance.
Hyperlight works best on TEGRA 2 devices or devices with dual-core processors with GPU PowerVR (SGX-540 +) or Qualcomm Adreno (205 +).

Version 1.4.0:


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