Tower Raiders GOLD v.1.28


Tower Raiders GOLD - intellectual game in the style of strategy. You have a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge in the fight against raiders and develop your logic and strategic abilities.
You are at a secret base, so secret that even the knees are shaking from finding her. Base to the limit jammed inside information, as well as there are 20 precious crystals. Many raiders and criminals are constantly trying to infiltrate the base and steal crystals. The main objective of the game and will defend these crystals by any means.
You have to go through 24 unique levels and an unusually complex and thwart criminals. Each level of the game for Tower Raiders GOLD requires new types of equipment from the enemy. You will manage the various structures that will withstand the forces of evil. Actions will always be moved to different parts of the base, you will see the various secret database objects. Game Tower Raiders GOLD accompanied great sound and beautiful landscape design, developed with the help of animation. You can enjoy the natural elements of the game. You will need to bring on a war footing all their logic skills, to remember all the fighters you viewed, what would properly distribute forces battle zone, because at stake is public safety and the important economic assets of the country.
Convenient control unlocks the game and enjoy the time gives the attack. A subsidiary indicators on the screen make it possible to monitor what is happening and when to respond to threats.

- Excellent visual design Tower Raiders GOLD
- A variety of sound effects
- The original script events
- Premium gameplay
- Convenient notes and tips on the screen of your smartphone
- You have a unique opportunity to discuss their progress in our facebook community

Version 1.28:


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