Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium v.1.0.3


Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium - sharpened his ax, polish armor and prepare your guns! It is time once again to fight for glory, honor, and gold! Guns'n'Glory is back!
Kingdom was attacked and orcs, elves and dark traitors knights invaded his land! Help our heroes, whose name Smerl, Arlon and Eloah, in their epic struggle against this evil threat! Master a force of light and throw a challenge to his enemies! Destroy entire armies with magic fire and ice! Brought down to the fury of their enemies and destroy dwarf orc skull! Join a group of faithful heroes and become the champion of the hilly region!

- Epic new milestone in the popular series of games Guns'n'Glory.
Hands-fentaziyny defensive action with the elves and dwarves.
Steer-3-powerful heroes in their battle against the orcs.
-Use and improve your 12 powerful combat abilities.
-Travel in forests, swamps and snowy mountains in 50 exciting levels.
-Enjoy all the charm of a charming story that covers five exciting chapters.
-Show your tactical skills and get your Heroic Difficulty.

Version 1.0.3:


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