Train Crisis HD v.2.0.4


Train Crisis HD - is a puzzle and exciting strategy, with excellent graphics and music, in which a lot still depends on the reaction rate. You are waiting for two railway era, where the goal of each level will overcome all obstacles, to every part of your destination. The complexity of the puzzle lies in the fact that you have almost no time to think, as train begin to move immediately and in addition to installing the arrows in the right direction you still need to avoid a collision at the intersection of train tracks. Each level will add new challenges. The game impressive 3D environments in high resolution, both accurately recreate the era with many details.

- 2 era railway history (the Industrial Age and the Wild West).
- Impressive 3D environments in high resolution, both accurately recreate the era with lots of details: plants, animals, mountains, cliffs, tunnels, embankments, etc.
- 144 levels (for now).
- Assessment of your skills of stars.
- Bonus levels that require a certain number of stars to unlock.
- Exciting gameplay and the increasing complexity of testing will not give away from the game.
- 4 color trains and more than 6 cars.
- A variety of interactive elements: switching arrows, traffic lights, tunnels, traps, ghost train, transport of money and rocks blocking the road that need to blow.
- Impressive colorful graphic effects with explosions trains and rocks.
- Music and 3D-sound. Sound effects in real time depending on the position of elements on the screen, and its music for each world.
- Full Version Train Crysis will soon be complemented by two new eras and many new levels.
- Train Crysis was developed on Unity3D, the most optimized game engine for mobile devices.

Version 2.0.4:


Path cache: SDcard / Android / Obb


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