Suspect: The Run! v.1.1


Suspect: The Run! - You - I suspect! Pedal to the floor and go! Do not let the police catch up with you! Avoid the traffic, avoid police blockades, collect bonuses and coins, unlock new cars and upgrades! Get rid of all the obstacles in his path, use nitro to break through the other cars and destroy the barricades! Use all your skills to move as quickly as possible, ignoring the rules of the road! Compete against your friends with online scoreboard!

ARMv7 version 01.01:

ARMv6 version 01.01:

ARMv6 1.1 version for weak devices to cut music:

ARMv6 1.1 version for weak devices to cut music + landscape display mode:


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  • Posted by: heilmmems (guest), 2013-02-03 17:51:53
    Здравствуйет Вам будьте добры укажите где найти скачать игру spore на андроид. В инете много всего игры и приложения для андроида но как его устанавливать на свой телефон.

  • Posted by: Юрас (guest), 2013-10-12 21:11:14
    Если смартфон через usb кабель перетаскиваешь тупо на флешку и устанавливай,если айфон нужна прога или взломать...

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