Gunslugs v.1.2.2


Gunslugs - crazy 8-bit arcade platformer that takes place in a non-stop mode. Play by yourself or connect through Bluetooth to a friend and play together. Can we save the planet alone? Or even the whole universe? Our hero is capable of it, or even more. Black army will be defeated by the hands of a super hero.
However, you do not give them a chance. Do not stop even for a moment, continuously shoot at the enemies, blow up buildings, perform tasks, and try to get the survivors of this terrible mess.
To schedule in this toy should be treated in a special way, as it has a charm and retro style. Using simple graphics developers have managed to create a unique atmosphere. In this design has received robust implementation, as there are lots of levels and fun characters.
All special effects are also made in the retro style, but it does not prevent them look colorful and attractive. We should also mention the soundtrack, which consists of high-quality 8-bit tunes peremezhovannyh pleasant sound effects.
All levels in the game are generated randomly. In view of this, you will never find two identical locations. The entire campaign will continue for as long as you do not die. You encounter beautiful scenery and many different kinds of enemies. In addition, the game was a place for bosses who frazzle your nerves and you all make to show you all my skill. We treat many types of weapons and all sorts of bonuses and special secret areas where you can restock weapons and health.
Control in the game is very simple and in harmony with yourself genre. In the toy has a multiplayer mode, but need to stick to it, or an additional controller.
Gunslugs certainly please fans of retro style, because it realized the best part of the classic arcade games. With this game you can spend many hours of their time.

- Random generation levels
- Different enemies
- The set of transport
- Rankings and achievements
- Multiplayer on bluetooth

Version 1.2.2:

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