Flickitty v.1.100


Flickitty charming platformer with puzzle elements and minor laws of physics, where you have a little fly. Our main hero - male, working in a commercial company, for which the most important - money, and more to it, nothing exists, it is not even concerned about the safety of their employees, because it is unnecessary spending. Our kitten "Chief, where they sent." As the game progresses you will perform different tasks you are given. Not all of them will be easy, but you try them out, avoiding injuries such as burns, poison, electricity and freezing, which can be obtained from security breaches and lost. Award for its work - a hat.

- 5 different maps.
- 3 locations (land, underwater, space).
- 19 different tasks.
- 19 hats.
- Complete Wednesday laws of physics.
- Ragdoll style movement.
- Beautiful graphics and vivid animation.
- Pleasant music and quality sound effects.

Version 1.100:


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