Dexter the Game 2 v.1.08


Dexter the Game 2 - The game takes place as in the series - in Miami. The player will play the role of the main character - a man, which combines the two personalities. One of his masks, white - criminalist, the second - a serial killer, punishing criminals, which were not able to reach out the hand of the law. At what Dexter does it with extreme brutality. The main character - helping Justice, monitors and criminals and solve crimes, but he does not do it the usual way for us, because he maniac, a serial killer who works in the police forensic scientist Miami. Its main victims - murderers, pedophiles and arsonists.
Be careful in solving the crime, take a note on each piece of evidence, logical construct a chain, you can identify the perpetrator. Just use the vehicles using them will be much quicker and easier to travel long distances.
In the second part of the game developers have taken care of a variety of games, creating a system of generating random criminals, so Dexter the Game 2 promises to be much more interesting first part.

ARMv7 ve rsiya 8/1:


Path cache: sdcard / Android / obb


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  • Posted by: санек (guest), 2013-02-26 21:04:31
    помогите пожалуйста, скачал кэш, создал в папке андроид папку obb и скунул его в нее...не запускается. что не так?

  • Posted by: 123 (guest), 2013-03-19 15:16:55
    Почемы когда скачеваеш кеш с интернета и запускаеш игру появляеться белый екран и всё что делать

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