Era's Adventures 3D v.1.1.2


Era's Adventures 3D - an adventurous quest for adventure dragon chests. Help the dragon find all the chests with the keys on the 3D platform to open the gate to the next level. Era awaits the hard way, which will be fiery lava, wooden platforms, boxes and barrels. Him to jump and climb on them to get to their goals. In some situations, dragonet have to use fireballs, which he produces from his mouth.
Era's Adventures 3D - a three-dimensional game time for kids and adults. You need to have time for some time to find all the keys and get to the door. Addition to the keys can be found in chests acceleration ability with which Dragon will run very quickly.
Era of managed very easily. Use the joystick to move the platform and buttons to perform special commands jump and fire.

ARMv7 ve rsiya 1.1.2:


Path cache: sdcard / Android / obb


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    как скачать??????

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    Fajna gra

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    там будет ссылка где написано кеш и arm v 7 !

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    no sirve la wea

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