Dungelot v.1.54


Dungelot - the evil sorcerer imprisoned you in his cave for fun. Show that you are not the plush toy and his puppet, beat his brains out, get the treasure, save the princess. Good gameplay, cool atmosphere and special effects.
Feel like a hero of the saga of the treasure, where you control a character who seeks to get the treasure, forced his way to him through all kinds of zombies and monsters. Among the features of the game can be noted the automatic generation of dungeons, so that the process of passing will always be unique, simple and effective flavored gameplay gameplay does not make you overwork and long to delve into the matter.
Early in the game you will be offered to choose one of five characters with unique abilities and characteristics. Gameplay is not built on the same dull repetition of actions, and on understanding the characteristics of the opponent, such as fire elementals are easier to kill a water jet and water - fire. In the game there is a concept mood of the players, which also significantly affect the pumping. The game world is full of different kinds of traps and hiding places, discovering that you expand the games, learning all the new features and secrets.
Dungeon in which your character acts, is a field size of 6 × 7 cells, the essence of the game in the opening of the cells, and can be opened only cells that border is open. When you open you spend one unit of food, and in return receive the artifact. But be careful, vigilant guard artifacts bloodthirsty demons!
Gameplay is full of easter eggs and funny moments, such as a game character "dwarf" is fighting a beer mug.

Version 1.54:


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    Nice game....

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