Busy Bags v.1.1


Busy Bags - you have to take control of the process of issuing luggage to passengers. But do not think it will be easy, because in the game there is the human factor. For example may break or come slow conveyor passenger, others may flirt with the staff.
Those who had to travel by planes, are likely familiar with the situation where the airport near the conveyor belt, which take out luggage, collects a crowd of people who does not want to retreat without the promised suitcase in hand. How to make the process more civilized baggage and orderly? You have to come to grips with that issue in the game "Busy Bags".
So, you - one of the airport employees, tasked to deal with getting the passengers luggage. On the belt - a lot of bags and suitcases, the new aircraft do not get tired to stay, and stay with them, and new passengers wishing to quickly find your luggage and go to the hotel. Help each passenger to find the right bag, directing them to the small dots in the pipeline. Note, however, that the number of places near the conveyor is limited, and the patience of the passengers quickly ends. Therefore it is necessary to have time to cater to each such time as the scale of their head is no longer green.

ARMv7 version 01.01:
Path cache: sdcard / Android / obb


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