Kick the Boss v.2.5


Kick the Boss - a game for those who have a chief, director or boss who strongly tupit and irritates the nervous system. You will be able to discharge their nervous system, presenting the character of this game is your boss. Throw in his pencils, paper clips, knives, red lead, hit his bat, shoot a pistol at him, threw him against the wall, tear full for all that he does not! Earn money by getting better, open up new ways of bullying, improve skills, but do not forget that in reality, it should not do!

05/02 Version:
ARMv6 version 9.1:


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  • Posted by: Dypeethephope (guest), 2013-03-10 02:11:10
    audio joiner batch

  • Posted by: oneechan (guest), 2013-03-24 19:33:31
     trop bien ! je voudrais faire la meme chose avec mes professeurs -

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