Hungry Shark Evolution v.1.3.14


Hungry Shark Evolution is a continuation of the wonderful arcade, which is dedicated to the most dangerous sea predator - the shark. Once again, you have to terrify the inhabitants of the coastal waters, whether a variety of fish, turtles and even people. Start your bloody campaign small shark, which can bite through a small fish or pull swimmers to the bottom, and ended his life in the form of a multi-ton colossus, jaw, which can easily crack the ship and to put fear into anyone who gets in the way. Developers really put a lot of effort in working through the new part, as a result can get the game done in a familiar form, but features excellent graphics and versatile and exciting gameplay.
Start your way to the top of the food chain in the water shooter. Get going on the beach, sift the depth and raid the Antarctic to satisfy your voracious appetite. Feed your shark and grow it so that it become the great predator of the seas! But beware ... this will soon attract the attention of hunters sharks.
Unlock the most ferocious animals in the sea: the tiger shark, shark hammerhead, great white shark.

- Single-level 3D graphics,
- 5 species of sharks and improvements
- A huge free world
- Exciting gameplay
- Sunken treasure
- A lot of weird and wonderful creatures,
- A lot of enemies,
- 45 missions to complete.

3/1/14 Version:


Path cache: sdcard / Android / obb


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