Zombies & Trains! v.1.20


Zombies Trains! - A game in which the zombies want to eat brains - like anything special, but they can only stop driving trains and sometimes with bonuses. Control train, push relentlessly these creatures.
The goal for the zombies will pedestal with golden brains located in the middle of the screen, you should not let them get to the prize, controlling the movement of trains. Rails will cover the zombies approach from all sides, but it is true to calculate the time of the train, that is guaranteed to kill the time to move to the rails of the zombies will not be easy.
Cause you can just train tapnuv on interesting ways, but be careful because the train may experience when your wrong actions. This is not fatal, but you lose precious seconds and zombies can get your prize.
Compete with friends, place the record. Excellent sound and mission.

- Action arcade game!
- 4 amazing game modes
- Improve and bonuses
- Easy and intuitive operation
- And much more!

Version 1.20:

ARMv6 version 10.01:


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