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On a plot of the game Brotherhood of Violence you are a former assassin, part of an elite fraternity. After years of work on the Big Boss you have decided to get out of this structure. However, there is no ex-murderers, and of brotherhood can only go to the cemetery. You managed to escape from his pursuers and even start a quiet life, but Big Boss found another way to pay you. Leverage was your brother, who was a prisoner, and to save him, will have to remember all your skills and abilities to cope with hundreds of fighters fraternity. You will have more than 30 different locations and meet with 400 unique fighters, which will have to find its own approach.
Idea, for that matter, and design, in the style of the game series "Street Fighter", which means you'll be fighting in various public places, with the battles take place with no rules, and you can attack multiple enemies. Incidentally, the game can not be called a classic fighting game, as there is as such arenas and round, you fight to the death, or your enemies. For the passage of the next level you need to deal with all the attackers thugs of brotherhood. It is interesting that you have a lot of room for maneuver, as a result, you can run away from some enemies and deal with them one by one. And not to fizzle out during the fight, you will need to collect powerups that drop from enemies: fruit, pizza slices and other edibles, to replenish your health.
And, of course, an important place in the game schedule is made in three dimensions with a good and thoughtful portrayal of locations. In total, the game you will see more than 30 different places to have to fight with the enemies. And each of them has its own individual and interesting design with a lot of additional elements that create the picture. But the really amazing study models almost every fighter gets its unique design and thoughtful movement. Separately, the effects can be noted that complement the overall picture and improve gameplay. In particular, the effects have been used: the reflection in the mirrored surfaces, fog, dynamic lighting and shadows, blur and more powerful strikes. Accordingly, it has been worked out and the musical accompaniment, and the main topic was the dynamic soundtrack, complete with a variety of sound effects.
Gameplay, as expected, is built around a constant fights. For a start, you have to create your character, choosing from standard models that differ in appearance and martial arts. Then you can already customize the hero in your own by changing the hair, facial features, body composition, and more. In addition to progress through the game and increase your capital, you can buy additional accessories and combos. When your hero is ready, you can go to their first fight, which will be a training and during it you will learn the basics of the game.
But after the training you expect great difficulty! Going to a real fight, you have to understand that every opponent is different, and you need to look for an appropriate approach. Of course, in most cases you can simply fill up your opponent strikes and send in a knockout, but in some cases, showed great skills, dodging punches and making kombopriemy. Even more dangerous are the bosses that await you at the end of each location, with them will have to thoroughly mess, because they have a large supply of health and crushing blows, so you not only have to dodge the blows, but pounding the enemy hard.
As soon as you pass the game, you will meet with more and more powerful enemies and bosses, ensuring you always tense gameplay. Still, the game has some drawbacks, which are mainly concentrated in the "engine", in particular, sometimes slip past the enemy attacks, or, on the contrary, the hero gets a kick out of nowhere. Also, sometimes the movement patterns look wooden and not thought through, it spoils the experience, but not enough to give up the game.
In the end it is worth to say some of the management. It is noteworthy that the developers have made it possible to use an external joystick, hard buttons, which greatly simplify the gameplay. Even using only virtual buttons, you can show excellent results. Button layout and overall system management of traditional, so to focus attention on some aspects. So, in the course of the game you will be able to use additional weapons, and to assemble it, you need to click on the button will appear next to the icon lying weapons. Should also pay attention to another red button that appears when a special opportunity to make a hit, for example, so you can make the final, fatal blow. In general, the controls are comfortable and well thought out, so the difficulty with him there.
Well, the game is clearly not disappoint fans of the genre and fighting games in general, and its minor shortcomings are lost in the noise. Dynamic and exciting gameplay will captivate you for a long time in the world of constant battles, and a variety of fighters and styles will not relax until the end of the game.

- More than 30 unique conditions
- Over 400 different styled opponents!
- Choose from 12 unique fighters, or create your own with the character (especially: a person, color, weight, clothing, accessories, and more)
- Share results on Facebook
- High-quality character animation with 12 different fighting styles: boxing, Muey-tai, Feral, kung fu and karate
- Stunning grafiga full 3D characters, advanced lighting and an unprecedented level of detail
- Intuitive controls!

If the game freezes and crashes, you can fix this problem, if the settings and uncheck disable vibration.

Version 1.0.1:


Path cache: SDcard / Android / Obb


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