Grow v.1.24


Grow - a great game, the essence of which is to observe the life of the fish in the aquarium and constantly monitor them. Developing your pets, you can open them with new boundaries habitat and wonder incomparable adventure. Walk all the way, take care of tiny eggs, creating the right environment to them, and watch them come out of pretty fish. Grow their "wards" of the banks with the water close to adults, and release them into the vast ocean of the world.
Manage the fish is very convenient for both the accelerometer and touch screen.
Throughout the game you can collect coins and buy power-ups on them in the store. Check skills in survival mode. The game is filled with bonuses, a variety of interesting enemies and levels of leadership tables. Climb to the top of the food chain.
The game has an arcade slant, from which it is very hard to come off.

Version 1.24:


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