Iron Fist Boxing


Iron Fist Boxing - Boxing Fans, blood, real fights and entertainment will appreciate this very boxing game on android. Start with training or sparring, fighting with pear, Story Mode or Punch-O-Meter. Your attention to a few fighters who have their own features. Develop your fighter and slowly but surely navigate on-line in the standings up. Punches in the game are put hands and feet, so the screen is virtually divided into 4 parts. Dodge the opponent's attacks, using the built-in accelerometer, or click on the block. The upper part of the screen contains the index of your life to a knockout, and the stars, which are filled if you put one hit after another. Then, you can use them to make a series of combo attacks. You also available an online mode.
The game will appeal to lovers of hard fights and blood. You have to fight with many famous boxers from around the world. The game features multiple modes, which are not similar to each other, which makes the game more diverse. In random mode, the game itself will choose with whom you fight a boxer. You will have to face off with thirty-two characters in different styles and in different countries. You can start from the bottom and just bang pear narabatyvaya skill game. You can work out different techniques on the same pear, which in the future can be applied to the opponent. And you can start a career of this kick-boxer and go a long way, at the end of which it is possible you will become the best kick-boxer of the World!

Version 4.2.6:


The path cache: Android / data


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