SiliBili - in a far distant galaxy called Sibul, there will be peace and harmony as long as it does not invaded dragons and captured it. They separated the 5 basic elements that allow locals to enjoy the harmony of faith, courage, freedom, wisdom and love. If you will not get at least one item from this list, the living space and the balance will be broken. So will not be happy, there will be laughter, understanding ... But do not die only hope. Hope that one day everything will get better, and as before.
Seeley and Billy are the names of the two heroes, whose hearts are shining courage and bravery. They are ready to go to the very end for the sake of restoring peace, such as it was loved by all the locals. They are not afraid of the road is not complicated, not the obstacles that are placed in a large quantity in their way. They are sure to find all the 5 elements, for that would unite them and bring joy and harmony.

- Beautiful 3D action with great graphics
- 2 characters
- 2 planets
- 7 large islands
- 2 bonus levels
- 8 dragons
- 6 bosses
- Pumping arms
- Hidden surprises
- Hours of gameplay

ARMv7 Version 1.0.12:


The path cache: sdcard / Android / obb


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