Radiant HD


Radiant HD - Tipo interesting arcade game Space Invaders and Asteroids made ​​in oldschool style). Radiant is considered one of the best games for Android at the moment. This game is made in the classic style of the 90s, but with a modern portrayal, filling and opportunities. In the game you control a space ship and shoot all the moving you to a meeting.
Radiant HD game proves once again that good old, can be almost the best in the world today. And actually made old 2D graphics in a beautiful design to resume in-memory many interesting recollections of his youth, the game will be interesting for those who grew up on these games. Here, simple operation and very high quality voice.
As in previous games, opponents are some strange cosmic creation, arrayed in battle formation, they will certainly want to destroy you periodically firing projectiles at you in the form of flat sticks. As well, there are bosses and obstacles in your way.
Affects the abundance of fantastic options kinds of fire: oblique, straight, like a fan. Weapons are bought at the store for points scored. Radiant HD game you really like and will be able to drag out for a long time.
Management of a clear and simple: press the right side of the screen - the ship flew to the right, click on the left side of the screen - the ship flew to the left. Everything is simple and very clear. But the gameplay is not worse than the old games.
So stop chasing progress and seek out the game with a modern three-dimensional graphics. It's time for the youth to remember! Download the following Radiant HD, put it on his smart and transported back to the 90s.

- 3 Episodes with 100 + levels
- 10 + unique Boss-fights
- 6 Upgradeable Weapons
- 12 Special Power-Ups
- 3 difficulty settings
- Global On-Line Records
- Signature sound of Kubatko
- XPERIA PLAY Optimized

Version 3.14.8:


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