Medieval Empires RTS Strategy


Medieval Empires RTS Strategy - the classic real-time strategy (RTS) for Android. 3D and other lotions in the game. And the plot is even trivial: we have our own fortress, the enemies too, you have to defeat the enemies, defeating all of their buildings and killing all the units. Pursue this goal will be difficult with the swordsmen, archers and catapults. To protect and build their strength and security of the complex you are towers and peasants. The game is more suitable for lovers of real-time strategy.
More than 50 different types of units and buildings! Knights, archers, catapults, swordsmen, and more! You can build castles, barracks, farms and towers and improve them. As in RPG games your soldiers and towers gain experience and become stronger and stronger.
Build your city. Protect it from attack. Destroy the enemy!



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