Overkill 2


Overkill - great shooter with the ability to improve weapons and massive multiplayer, two in one better does not want. Find a worthy opponent and fight him one on one, for the best of the best. Play online and fall into the first ranks of the leader board.
Civilized society has collapsed and your mission is to kill all the people you meet on the way. Use all the more massive and more powerful weapons to eliminate the threat and clear your path. For all that killing and destruction will be paid a generous reward. As a reward you can buy weapons and upgrades to them. More than 120 combinations of weapons. Go through 100 waves of enemy and in addition will open 5 new waves of hell in 5 different places.
Overkill - another game about killing enemies and large splashes of blood on your screen. You will need quick reflexes and aim at enemies and destroy them lightly pressing the trigger. Special skills and training to help you. The game resembles a shooting gallery where you need to quickly get on the targets without the slightest slip, ammo is limited. The enemies away with the passing game will be shot and have a great defense, so be careful and attentive.
But the developers have taken care of life and lack of ammunition. They have introduced an additional aid in the form of falling supplies that you need to sweep and pick up the prize. Novice levels offer battles with the slow pace of enemies that take fewer shots before you die. You are given a standard UMP 45 submachine gun with unlimited ammunition.
More experienced players can go to the level of Elite, featuring enemies that are faster and harder to kill will have to tinker a bit with them. Elite players compete with the M16A4 Specops rifles that can be upgraded to include additional shops, scopes, silencers and other accessories. Level Elite includes leadership, flying drones, bonus boxes and other features not found in the beginner level.
Sniper Level for the fastest shooters. You will be faced with the most difficult enemies who will use all available resources to kill you. Your only friend RSASS REMINGTON deadly sniper rifle. Get the most of it with a powerful upgrade. Sniper level of competition will last up to 2500 points.

- 30 + realistic 3D weapons that are most often used in real wars now;
- Weapons for Reconstruction: AK-47, M4, RPG, RG6, MP7, MAG, MG4, MSR, SCAR, Marv, 417 HK, P90, TECH III, MAC UZI, ACR, XM8 and the Gatling gun;
- 100 waves with 5 extra hell waves in 5 locations;
- Lots of different enemies, flying equipment and ammunition;
- Lots of blood, explosions;
- Amazing high-definition graphics and simple controls;
- Music and realistic sound effects;
- Upgrade your weapons as you like;
- Detailed statistics for measuring progress (kills, bullets, accuracy, etc.).
- Survival mode;
- Flying drones and air strike;
- Online leaderboard;
- Black market with a unique weapon;
And, of course, tons - explosions of blood and violence.

Shop medals and Overkill Medal:
Overkill is free to download. Although some powerful weapons and upgrades are locked. That's why were introduced Overkill Medal (OM). For OM can get all the extra things that are in the game (weapons, upgrades, themes, etc.). There are several ways to get OM:
- Purchase of the application;
- Free use of Tapjoy;
- By sharing Overkill with friends via email or Facebook;
- Promotion of the level.



data: SDcard / Android / Obb


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