Kingdoms & Lords


Kingdoms Lords - good fusion simulation and development of military strategy. You have to play against the evil of the Dark King of the barbarians, but before that, you need to build and develop their own kingdom, as well as to create a powerful army. The game offers you a wide range of possibilities for the construction of a powerful state: Master the territory, merge neighboring countries with a sword or diplomacy, develop and optimize production, improve buildings and combat units. The game is translated into the Russian language that will significantly improve immersion in the atmosphere of the game.
In Kingdoms Lords barbarians violated the measured life of your settlement. Hurry otstroyte his troops and prepare for confrontation until the war came to your land. But, apparently, it's getting serious ... Dark King again takes the reins in his hands, he wants to subjugate all the land on the continent.

TWO IN ONE OF THE GENRE: Simulation and Strategy
- Strategy: Prepare the strongest army and seize the land neighbors. Lead your army on full alert.
- As in the Middle Ages: build the kingdom by conquering new lands and turning them into farmland. Create a rich system of production in his kingdom.
Play with friends
- Play with your friends, their contrast the army and decide which army is better!
- Make alliances with friends, give them help, rescue forces and exchange gifts.
- Optimize the system of production and earn extra income.
- Upgrade your already existing buildings, open up new, better ability.
- Send all the forces on the development of the army.
- Protect the kingdom, vanquish enemies and take away their resources.

Kingdoms Lords is a free game, but you can improve your gaming experience by purchasing game items for real money. You can disable this feature in the device settings.

The path cache: sdcard / Android / obb


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