Zombiewood - Zombies in LA!


Zombiewood - Zombies in LA! Boundaries have fallen, zombies took over Los Angeles! The streets of dazzling lights, live well-fed and relaxed life of movie stars and celebrities have become a haven for the hordes of evil vampires. Baby, your time has come, it is time to make a dead fiery chaos and knock them out of brains! And all this - for free!

- Jolly non-stop action with the ability to use dual-stick
- Destroy one wave after another zombie
- Beat, burn and destroy all vampires of 30 barrels
- Cartoon style of play in the setting of a Hollywood
- Take the fight in 20 different movies and 10 unique game modes
- Pick outfit the taste of a whole mountain of fun veshchichek
- Conquer the top of the rankings, and show your friends who are cool
- Regular content updates, new free movies, trunks, non-stop action and a sea of ​​blood!


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