Cordy 2


Cordy 2 - continuation of a great arcade-hit! After a long and painful journey Cordy and Volt finally arrived in the World 2, when he was besieged by evil Boogaloo. Help Cordy Volta and protect the world from evil! You along with Cordelia to go through 3 beautiful world with a lot of levels! On the way you will meet many new friends, such as the Boat Magnet Blow Boat, Boat copter and others. All in the game 48 levels in which you will enjoy from beginning to end!
The storyline of the game remains the same, and users will still be worn by levels punctuated by various mechanisms, as well as to fight the mechanical beings trying to kill innocent little robot that acts as a main character. Do not forget to collect game currency, which is sure to come in handy during the game inside the store. The developers tried to fame and the game is now much more locations that are significantly different from each other. Not forgotten and graphics that are made in the style 3D, was a very bright and attractive, effectively complementing the dynamic gameplay and a very successful musical arrangement.


ARMv6 port:

ARMv6 buy the full version via the - ® Freedom


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