Extreme Road Trip 2


You are attracted to the machine and high speed? Then you will surely enjoy the game Extreme Road Trip 2, in which you have to get behind the wheel and, having pressed the gas pedal to the floor, sweep on the road, soaring into the sky, carry dizzying stunts! Despite the simplicity of the idea, the arcade will please every player, it is always nice to cruise at breakneck speed on a variety of routes.

- Extremely fast gameplay that was impossible to break away
- Unlock the car as it passes
- 54 new machines and more with updates
- End the mission and seize all vehicles
- Coups, riding on one wheel, similar passages, the critical infeed and other new tricks
- Compete with your friends
- Large stunning explosions
- 11 amazing locations
- New power-ups, such as a magnet coins
- Thrilling music, forcing your heart beat
- Advances in Facebook and leaderboards
- Free!



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