Fragger - game with a fairly simple plot, but the main thing about this app - it's not the plot, and gameplay. According to the developers, you - the soldiers have to destroy the enemies that are hiding behind various objects and in the pits. Since the pits are armored wall, then you can only destroy enemies with grenades. Therefore fragger you will throw your enemies with grenades.
Fragger game is a collection of 12 of the worlds. In each world a different number of levels, but the total of 370 in the application of various levels of difficulty.
Once you pass 370 levels, you can go to the stats and see at what point you are in the standings. This table contains millions of players who play this game.
Management in the game by using the touch screen. Since you only have to run a grenade, then get lost in the control, you can not. To keep the grenade to hand turn arrow - direction of flight and choose the force with which will be put garnet (color arrows just yet, and describes the force throws).



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