Survival Run with Bear Grylls


Survival Run with Bear Grylls - is a regular runner, runner of the highest class without losing the characteristic features of the genre. You should not only escape, but also to jump, glide, turn aside, and still float like a boat and breaststroke. You happen to see the snow-covered locations where you happen to ride on a sled.
In addition to the now familiar obstacles in the form of logs, rocks, cliffs, and suddenly narrowing lanes, you will have to overcome a very unusual, for example you may see a herd of elk running across the road or a bottomless abyss into which you will soar.
Graphic design is only positive emotions, good variety of detailed locations look beautiful and interesting. Control of the game Survival Run with Bear Grylls classic for runners, with sliding gestures on the screen, so there are no problems you will encounter.



ARMv6 Music Off:

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