Company Glu has created another great game DEATH DOME, for which the origin was the engine previously released and much loved game BLOOD GLORY: LEGEND. But in the new game, we did not have to fight with gladiators, and with mutated people who are under the influence of an unknown virus turned into a real monster. In the title role will be the same no man pumped up, and quite fragile girl, dressed in a light armor and simple weapons in their hands.
All the troubles in the game began suddenly, no one can not even remember where or when the virus first appeared, but in a few days it has spread around the world. Millions of people have died, and after his death turned into wild monsters and killed those who were able to survive the virus. The survivors were able to defeat the virus and drive him into a dead city. They covered the entire city impenetrable biological dome, which, according to their calculations, should contain a virus, and then destroy it. However, the virus was able to adapt and continue to exist without the human body, thus capturing the entire enclosed area. Leaving this problem for later, people began to rebuild the destroyed world. Among the survivors was our heroine, but for some reason she wakes up inside the restricted area, and all that she can not remember that name - Phoenix. When she realized where it was brought, she can only fight for their lives and try to pass through the ruined city to leave the contaminated area.
At the disposal of the heroine is just what she could find in the ruins, so powerful about firearms or explosive weapons can forget: fight monsters have only melee. Making his way through the ruined city, will have to search houses and streets and try not to bump into roaming throughout the area of ​​monsters. And if luck changes, and monsters still appear in front of you, you will need to make every effort to fill this kind of person coming out of a bad dream. Crumble the monsters without any pity, because they will not stop until they die or until tear you to pieces.
Mechanics of the game is almost identical BLOOD GLORY, remained unchanged even control. But this game was much more dynamic, which is achieved due to the huge number of effects, blood spatter, unexpected attacks, combos, techniques and the final impact of the heroine. The game also has a great-designed graphics, in particular, you will see a post-apocalyptic location where everything is in complete chaos, as each brick soaked horror. At a high level, and the animation has to be elaborated as a result will see the exciting battle, and, more interestingly, the models have a mass movements that combine and change as you progress through the game.
Each monster has its own style of battle, and it may surprise surprise attack. It is important to note that the game is very bloody and scary enough, for example, during the Battle of the heroine could easily chop off a monster hand, and by the way, it will affect his punches and tactics of the battle. Not inferior graphics and music, just perfectly matched to the gameplay and expanded wonderful and diverse sound effects that are not limited to strikes and weapons rattling monsters.
To get out of the infected area will have to wade through a few locations that are filled with monsters. Interestingly, in each of them you will need to clean up the three zones, after which you will gain access to the final level, where you will meet with your boss. This monster is very different from the local riff-raff, and its first difference - the enormous size! And to overcome this walking home, the heroine goes to extremes: it pours a same terrible virus that at the time of changing the structure of DNA and allows us to go into reinforced mode. In addition, the boss of a large reserve of life is different, so you have to hack it long enough until it fall to the ground.
Note that the process of the battle has moved from the already mentioned games BLOOD GLORY, were only added some extra "features". In particular, we only need to strike and dodge attacks monsters. Of the features include acceleration mode in which the heroine moves when you press the button at the top of the screen, then you have the opportunity to shred the soul monster, and he has no way to defend himself. In addition, during the battle, you can score a critical hit, if you have time to click on the red circle that appears in the unprotected area of ​​the enemy. Such an attack can almost immediately calm the beast. And to top it off, at the end of the battle, when the enemy is defeated, you can perform a so-called "Fatality" when the heroine in a particularly cruel way sends a monster to the light, it looks very impressive.
Of course, the game will give us the opportunity to develop character, getting to her new weapons, armor and shield. And when you go to the store for the first purchase, you will surely be surprised. As a weapon will serve all, and it would seem even completely unusable version. Developers can understand, they wanted to create unique content without repetition, but eventually came to the point of absurdity. If a traffic sign or an electric guitar is somehow possible to understand, then to a larger bubble wand, anyway, the weapon can not be named. With armor and shields a little better, but again, it's hard to imagine that you can use the headstone as a shield, though of hopelessness and will have to fight with him. Perhaps in this way the developers wanted to add a shred of humor, but in the end it looks rather silly, and it seems that the imagination is exhausted to the limit.
And yet, the game deserves the highest praise, even if had been taken already used by an engine that has received minimal additions. But the atmosphere, graphics, music and speakers will play at a high level. Like most other games Glu spreads. As you can imagine, you pay a price or given, but it's worth noting that it is quite soft and does not cause the flood real money, it is worth a little effort - and you will be able to accumulate the necessary funds.



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