Dinosaur war


Dinosaur War - on the one hand it is a strategy game in which you have to arrange a colony of dinosaurs, to create a good environment for living, and on the other hand you have to take part in a very brutal and bloody war. At first, humans and dinosaurs lived peacefully, but at some point there were evil forces that are destroying people. As a result of this struggle, many were killed, including the dinosaurs, but those who survived decided to team up with dinosaurs to banish evil from the earth. To sustain life in the colony you have to deal with the construction of mines, quarries and grazing resources for training, accustom to working different dinosaurs and ancient beasts, create fences, drain swamps, and more, on which depends the livelihood of you and your allies. Also, you have to recruit troops and engage in battles. In this case, you can decide on the weapons and armor in order to gain an advantage over enemy forces. As in many similar games in this present Donath, so you can buy items for real money. Provided for in the game and in game currency in the form of crystals, which are consumed quickly and slowly recharged.



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