Agent Dash


Agent Dash - colorful, bright, action-packed game project in the style of runner. We will disclose the location and destroy the enemy base, playing on the order of a few cool characters. We will have spyware items to help in the passing game.
The only option for the runner to become popular game - it's stunning graphics that allow to admire and enjoy the picture. And developers Agent Dash failed to meet this condition. As a result, you will see a perfectly legible three-dimensional graphics, where the levels are fun and colorful design, and most importantly during the game - you can actually visit a variety of locations. Starting your own race in the jungle, you will gradually move to the base of the villains, after the destruction of which will continue your way through the city, and then farther and farther. Pleased with the study of animation and an abundance of effects as a result of the hero looks alive, and his acrobatic antics quite real.
Also, a large number of bonuses and of course, obstacles: the laser beams, the fiery lava, falling trees, and others. Three-dimensional graphics and good gameplay awaits you!


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