Kingdom Royale


Kingdom Royale - this time we will have a fantastic blend of two genres, namely, strategy and RPG. To counter the enemy, we need to build and safely enhance their own castle. Because of the game revolves around a heavy mineral deposits and minerals, the lack of resources the player experience will be.
In the game Kingdom Royale you will create your kingdom, managing resources, mines, mining precious stones, taking care of the troops. Then send your part to fight the forces of the enemy to conquer distant lands. Spread your protection and strengthen their territory! Battle Plan, based on the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, to spread its influence throughout the world. Reap the results from the increase of the kingdom! Kingdom Royale will keep you in the saddle with all the pleasures of action, strategy and war in one bottle!
Old world needs a new leader - a wise planning and strategy must be combined!
- Rules his kingdom
Extracted mineral resources and minerals, fit for the approaching army of war!
- A huge TROOPS
Make war with the various forces - humans, elves, orcs tribes - each with special attributes!
- Tactical Game Genre Action RPG
Strive for total control over the whole world, sending troops to fight in tactical battles on a regular basis!
- Build alliances and protects
Cooperate with friends to battle side by side!


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