Flying Fox


Flying Fox - colorful toy android in which we will help to starve abduct a young fox gaping hens. Our little monkey loves to eat so that even donned over the propeller and thus intends to acquire desired. But sensing the wrong chicken properly prepared for the arrival of uninvited guest, pre refitting chicken coop into a real-room of death. We will rozstavlenyh dodging traps with spikes, fly beside boxes of dynamite, to avoid falling boulders and much more. If you want a fun and relaxed time, the Flying Fox for this fit just right. Well, beware of the chicken!
To describe more precisely Flying Fox, the developers of Chillingo International tried to combine the best from several toys. For example, we will destroy the building by throwing stones at them in Andry Birds, get the opportunity to travel by air in Jetpack Joyride, and of course all of this seasoned many mini-quests and puzzles. And in the last game lacks. Chickens will always hide under boards and shelter, thereby not allowing the player to be quickly caught. But for these cases at hand is always a bowling ball, which will serve as a tool for solving the puzzle. You only have to be very careful and precise. If you choose the wrong design for rozrusheniya, you run the risk of running into a pack of hungry bees, which are unlikely to allow you to successfully complete the level.
Complicating the gameplay and the time limit for each task. For example the first 5-10 levels you will hardly notice the lack of time, but during the promotion play gets really complicated. But it is by and large more plus than a minus, because that is what makes the game of passion and interest.
Graphics and music deserve special attention. All graphic elements are drawn very high quality, and our cheerful cheers fox with pleasant background music can cause one to smile.
- Unique game model - fly, swoop down from the top, grab the runaway chickens - simple.
- Weight with different levels of puzzles and obstacles.
- Different uses of objects: grab, throw, Slash, blow.
- Playing time: be faster, score points and achievements, show the results on-line.


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