Spider Jack


Spider Jack - this is a fun and exciting arcade game with a spider in the title role. Spider itself looks pretty cute. This cute green creature with a contented, but a sly look on his face. Each level of the game Spider Jack begins with the fact that we see a spider and a fly. Spider is hungry, and his task - to get to this fly by any means possible. Ways in the game may be several. Spidey can swing on the web. It is important to overcome various obstacles, not to divide. You can also shoot webs, are geared for different projections. When a spider making its way, it is important to take into account the location of the bonuses, which are also desirable to collect.

- 75 cleverly designed levels to test you on the responsiveness and foresight
- A variety of tasks from three to five star rating for a long time you will carry away
- Realistic physics give you a taste of what it means to hang and swing on the web
- Amazing graphics that will appeal to both children and adults
- Easy and intuitive controls allow you to instantly join in the game


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