MAYDAY! Emergency Landing


MAYDAY!Emergency Landing (MAYDAY! Downing) - in this tense and exciting arcade game you will pass this extreme school of piloting aircraft. And to be precise - you can test your skills in unpredictable situations - you have to land the plane in difficult conditions - fog, heavy rain, strong crosswinds, turbulence, and poor visibility. Also, learn how to use the flaps, landing gear and engine, as well as control the speed reduction by traction and much more.

- Your mobile device will become a real steering wheel.
- Maintain the speed of the aircraft, run rate reduction by traction, use all the controls modern airliner.
- Follow all the more difficult tasks to get the title of the professional pilot.
- Prepare to different weather conditions: heavy rains, heavy fog, side wind, turbulence and poor visibility.
- Learn how to use the means braking of the aircraft: the flaps, landing gear, engine.
- 5 breathtaking scenarios around the world: rural, desert, seaside, city, tropical island.
- 4 types of landing: GDP, road, field, water.
- 40 jobs, adding new jobs every month.


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  • Posted by: gioco grauito ma (guest), 2013-08-13 22:19:32
    bello anzi bellissimo gioco peccato che per giocare alle missioni bisogna pagare. SOLO le prime 2missioni sono gratuite. peccato :(

  • Posted by: насоч (guest), 2013-08-28 14:48:43
    Ну ващще круто мне понравилось

  • Posted by: human (guest), 2013-09-22 14:34:42
    Life is mayday mayday

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