Panda Run


Panda Run - get ready for a low start in this game thriller that unfolds in the streets of the ancient Chinese city! Panda Run, run - this is a free innovative, dynamic begalka game with a cute panda delightful traveling. Are you ready to test your speed, reaction and stamina?

Welcome to ancient China, a country of mysticism and ancient treasures. Exotic landscapes perelivvayutsya their colors and liveliness, and the maze of streets hiding dark secrets and mysteries. Again, there are many dangers, including the most dangerous gang in the East: Triad Panda.

Our hero Super Panda has been the target of attacks Triad Panda, the Far East and dirty mafia was repeatedly plundered. Now there was only one thing that can make the Super Panda - is to escape from the bandits!
Attention ... Go!

Triad sent one of the toughest of his killers after the Great Panda, but you can help. Help Super Pande in his frantic rush to go through a variety of scenic spots in China and not to fall into the clutches of a sinister Triad. The job may sound simple, but once stumbled our hero can fall into enemy hands!

Basic controls:
Tilt your device and swipe up on the screen to jump, and down to slide under obstacles, swipe left or right to rotate. Time is also important!

Tips for long-term persecution
Help Super Panda survive the long and tedious pursuit! During outswing and turns of the race through the cities and jungles, you will find coins and various bonuses, which can help Super Panda in his quest to escape persecution. Collect as many coins to purchase a higher gear and boosters that will help increase the speed of Super Pande and to cope with this task, or even open up new characters!

"You can run,
but you can not hide.
When I catch you,
I sderu with your skin. "
Soe Lin
The dragon's head, Triad Panda

** Please note that, although the application is free, it contains premium content that the user at will can buy for real money if you want to get even more pleasure from the game. You can turn off the purchase of the application by changing the settings of your device. **


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