Battleship Destroyer


If you have been dreaming about the military exploits of the glory of the motherland, the game Battleship Destroyer you will have a great opportunity to realize his dreams come true, being the captain of a frigate of the Royal Navy. As is obvious, your ship will not make entertainment cruises, so be careful with the choice for him a decent weapon, and then go into campaign mode, in which you have to perform, or tasks assigned to you by users online communities, or their own, you can come up with yourself. In addition to their scenario, you can also create your own landscape, mission, and goals and then share with other established players. The ever-changing weather conditions make everything that happens in the game is even more significant.

- Realistic 3D Environment
- Gyro
- 12 combat missions
- The advanced settings of weather conditions
- Maps, navigation
- Settings of weapons
- Leaderboard


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