Joyland Bounce


Joyland Bounce - a wonderful project, which is reminiscent of the iconic game LocoRoco with the PlayStation Portable. You will manage a fun, ever-smiling creatures (which for some reason you want to call Kolobok), which is able to roll fast and jump high. You will explore thirty five different levels in a beautiful, exotic world, solve puzzles, collect items - all this in order to restore order in the heavens (then they will understand what that means). In addition to the wonderful plot separately to talk about the graphic design of the game Joyland Bounce. You know, when you first start the impression that on the creation of game objects, worlds, objects and animations by the best artists in the world. Even the smallest details - patterns in the sand, clouds, rocks, shadows - each drawn with such thoroughness that did not dream of any other game! In addition, especially pleases wonderful sound - apparently sitting in the studio is not only the best artists, but also the best composers. In general, what is left to say? Joyland Bounce - one of the best gaming projects.


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