Speed ​​Skater


Speed ​​Skater - offers you to experience the spirit of competition in the arcade game. Without an extreme sense of mission and life becomes boring. Under the feet of the man of your skate board, on which he can perform various stunts and show off their skills in front of you. All you need is time to help the skater's overcome obstacles to collect more points. All kinds of bushes, trees, curbs, rocks, puddles - through all of this to be a skater boy jump only with your help. Help Skateboarder win the tournament interesting tricks to impress the audience and to reach the highest rank standings. The levels in this game are chosen at random, that keeps the intrigue, and you can not remember at what point there is some obstacle. That is, each time, including a game, you expect a completely new route. You are well entertain yourself and kill your free time. The game's graphics Speed ​​Skater certainly not at the highest level, the game seems to prefer her not surrendered, and the gameplay. Tricks, speed, movement - reserve a nice imprint on the experience that has developed from this game. A special highlight in this game brings subtle humor developers. At a loss, instead of the standard «Game over», you will see the interesting comments in the style of "You threw your girl" and much more.

- Game Speed ​​Skater great time-killer
- Interesting tricks
- A variety of effects from jumping
- Supported on all platforms Android


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