Noogra Nuts


Noogra Nuts - a fun arcade game where you have to help a cute rodent catch nuts and acorns. You can control the animal accelerometer by tilting your device left and right. Tap on the screen will make him jump - then he will be able to catch at the same time more nuts.
The game has three different modes, one of which is immediately available, and for unlocking the other two to perform a couple of simple steps. In Classic mode, you are given 2 minutes for that to catch as many nuts and score as many points. In the jungle you are also going nuts 2 minutes, but you'll have to dodge the falling rocks. But the Survival time limit is removed and you play as long as the animal does not get the stone.

- 3 game modes - Classic mode, Jungle mode and survival mode
- 18 new and exciting levels!
- Amazing 2D-graphics
- Free Games
- Unlock new mode of Survival, Jungle Mode, remove ads and unlock the great Pistachio Nut for only $ 1.99!
- An amazing selection of hats for proteins, some of them have special powers!
- Suitable for all ages - children and adults
- Easy to play, hard to master
- Works on both phones and tablets
- Place a high score your Facebook wall
- Join our Facebook page updates, and special free
- New feature Live Wallpaper!
- New analog functions widget Clock!

What's new:
Version 1.7.0:
- New game mode Survivors!
- Compete with your friends in Facebook survival Noogra Nuts
Version 1.6.8:
- Added some tweaks performance
Version 1.6.6:
- Added a new function of the analog Widget Clock!
Version 1.6.4:
- Added a new function of dynamic Wallpaper!
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