Teeter Pro

Teeter Pro - a unique tabletop arcade game in which you will need to use your own skill and ingenuity, drive the ball in the hole.
It's not golf - there's much cooler! A small steel ball, the playing field with a variety of obstacles and only the required hole into which you want to drive your ball, though without going through all the dangers on the road. Start the game, you will see a wooden labyrinth in which to hold the ball. Need not assume that he would have fallen into the holes located around the perimeter of the maze. The game is very exciting and will require you to be patient and precise movements.
The main feature of the game Teeter Pro - a highly unusual control. The fact that direct the steel ball along the chosen route will only need with a G sensor of your smartphone or tablet device, moreover, must be kept horizontally, as if you're holding a real board with a metal ball.
The playing field is a stylized surface - it's grass, wooden boards, and the plateau. The obstacles here are in the form of metal, wood, and stone walls. Do not forget about a lot of pseudo-holes (black holes), unevenly distributed on the playing field - they also need to get round. As you progress through the levels, the walls of the maze will change their properties so near the walls of the special - a ball can move jerky or slow down.
Depending on your skills, choose the appropriate level of difficulty: it depends on the "catchy" another playing field areas and a number of obstacles. Note also unobtrusive background music playing in the application process, good animation and realistic physics gameplay.

What's new
- Bug fix in level 35 and improvements
- Bug fix in level 11
- 10 new levels
-Small bux fix in lvl 35
-10 New levels
-Small bugfix

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