ZONA Road to Limansk

Do you know a lot of games in the racing genre for the mobile platform Android, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world similar to the world-famous computer game STALKER? Not surprisingly, a little, because this game is, in fact, unique in its kind. Of course, we are talking about ZONA: Road to Limansk HD.
However, its advantages include not only the unique world. Do not forget that it is also a great race, one of the best for Android in its genre. Amongst the races players will expect all kinds of puzzles and challenging task, which can not but rejoice. The player gets the opportunity to plunge into the world of incredibly atmospheric apocalyptic post-Soviet space, enjoying great music, neverroyatno suitable for this game. The player will find an extensive selection of Soviet technology, as they say, for every taste.
Action game unfold after a short time after the end of the first part of ZONA Where is our protagonist, reaching the post of DPS and was hoping to leave the Chernobyl Zone. Suddenly found himself in an abandoned bar. But at this point, and you have your way through the deserted exclusion zone. In the game you are waiting for - a lot of runs, challenging puzzles and tasks. Also, a large number of Soviet technology that will help you overcome a long way from the zone. And maybe even, and unravel the secret of what is happening here.

- The familiar and intimate world of the post-Soviet space.
- The real objectives of the Chernobyl exclusion zone
- The atmosphere of eerie mystery and constant danger
- The system of collecting and selling artifacts.
- Atmospheric music and sound.
- Wide range of Soviet technology.
- Deadly anomalies.


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