Svet Lite


Svet Lite (Light Lite) - You will discover a sinister secret of the "B-18", long ago abandoned for unknown reasons. And who knows what adventures await you there? Get ready for the most horrible experience of your life!
Continued already liked so many horror Dead Bunker. The game begins as soon as our hero to collect 5 notebooks having gone to the door, thinking to leave this sinister place. But as it turned out not so simple. After losing consciousness, he woke up in a wet basement, enclosed in a cage. Of which it is necessary to find a way out. On the walls hung a strange note left by one of the scientists who could survive in that ill-fated night. Here you have to go his way. See with their own eyes what happened in the distant past. And finally solve the mystery of what happened here.

Chapter I Start:
- Explore an abandoned gloomy basement, which once stored supplies for the residents of the bunker. Now here is the emptiness and chaos. But be careful it does not turn into a long piece of history.

Hope Chapter II: (closed)
- Explore the engine room of the laboratory, meter by meter. Your eyes will open one of the missions of rescue personnel "B-18"

Chapter III of the Void (closed)
- You have not an easy task to find some thing in an old abandoned military camp. Where only ghosts can feel safe.

Chapter IV: Loss of (closed)
- Finding the secret documents, our hero went back to the bunker in the hope of contact with the outside world and announce the impending disaster. But the horror that has penetrated into the hopper will reduce any scrip. Even the light loses its properties and sanity in the darkness.

Chapter V Reason (closed)
- There is not much time that would prevent a catastrophe looming on the world. In an attempt to get into the cockpit, our hero realizes that in this evil place, he was not alone. Something or someone can control the mind. And it does not promise anything good.

- Stunning graphics
- To the bone atmosphere and sound
- 6 chapters (in this version available to Chapter 1)
- A convenient and intuitive control

What's new
- Added chapter 5
- Added a new monster
- Added new effects
- Minor fixes and improvements
- Added chapter 4.
- The speed of rotation of the head.
- Added and tweaked the graphics settings, they are now 4
- Minor fixes and improvements


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    Хм.. Довольно интересный хоррор)

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