Evil - Virus Attacks


Evil - Virus Attacks (Evil - Virus attacks) - the world is not the same for a long time, humanity was on the verge of extinction. A handful of people are struggling to survive in a world that is populated by the living dead. The virus has spread to every continent. It kills all living things. Turning people into ravenous zombies.

You will manage the viruses that infect man, penetrating deeper and deeper into the body. The only danger for the virus - this is the same virus. In a collision, to which they are killed. Manage them to infect more people.

- Added 5 zones.
- In each zone 20 levels.
- Added a defensive reaction.
- Reworked the part design.
- Added a menu of options.
- Added a help menu.

It is planned in the coming days:
- Add top players.

Participate in the rankings, infect more people. Be the first among all!

Explanation of how to play Resident Evil - Virus Attacks:

When the virus on the screen, click on it with your finger and hold your finger on the screen, draw a path way to the protective cage. And so with every virus. In this endeavor, it would not have encountered viruses among themselves. As towards the protective body and at its infection.

What's new
Removed advertising banner from the game.
Rated players.
Added defensive reaction.
Fixed bug of teleportation viruses.
Minor bug design.
Balancing levels.
Fixed an error code.


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