Marv The Miner 2


Marv The Miner 2 - is very bright, fascinating and colorful arcade. One only has to start the game, as you whirl whirl of the most incredible adventures of the brave miner, who is in search of gold and gems. Marv The Miner 2 - is an ever-changing world in which each new level is a new mine, which consists of endless mazes related to one another concealed (and not) ladders.
Despite the fact that the surrounding your hero Wednesday and will undermine you use the exit - as in mines creepy and dark - but you'll need to help your brave miner gather up as many natural treasures before finding out that, by the way, will be available to you only after your last miner will pick up a nugget or stone. So the train will power struggle with claustrophobia and fear of the dark.
Naturally, your character has a whole lot of enemies, from which he will defend against with ... most ordinary miner's pickaxe. But the point here is this - pick a limited time use - that is, sooner or later it will disappear and your character will be left alone and is committed without a weapon against a very dangerous creatures, it is in your interest to help the hero as soon as possible to find and deal wasps all potential enemies - as long as there is still in the hands of the pickaxe, which for the immediate production of gold and stones to our hero, oddly enough, is not necessary.
So, as you can see - the game Marv The Miner 2 everything is fine, colorful, despite the overall gloomy background and perfectly thought out, well what can we say about the management of the arcade? And it, as our testers have learned, is a very easy and comfortable - at the bottom left is the joystick in four keys, which are responsible for the movement of the hero, in the lower right corner there is another stick with which you experience more problems - just need to remember here that there is a button to jump to the left and a separate button to jump to the right - something like that, there remains only to remember and adapt himself.
But in general, the passage of Marv The Miner 2, though sometimes difficult, but played in this arcade game is just fine, so it is advised to all lovers of mystery dungeon adventures and just try this entertaining and very beautiful game.

- Over 50 challenging, mind-blowing levels
- Use teleports and transporters to move
- Use springs and cannons to reach higher heights
- Beware the pitfalls of their
- Different types of monsters (Werebear, Slimedrop, Dragonfly)
- Use weapons like pick ax and bombs to kill monsters
- Upload your Hiscore
- FREE and full-featured (with in-game advertising)

* Xperia PLAY optimized *


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