Little Commander - World War 2 TD


Little Commander - World War II TD (Small Commander: World TD) - in front of you beautiful game in the genre of Tower Defence, which is easy to play even for a beginner! Embittered war, tanks are on the streets, protecting nowhere to wait, the city is in danger! How would such a critical situation did little commander? Try it, you might be able to turn the tide of the war!
Little Commander - World War II TD (Small Commander: World TD) - is the most advanced simulator that allows you to decide how and where to build a line of defense! Lead your army to victory! You in the game given the role of the commander of a small - take the reins in their own hands and build the tower building to fend off mobs attacking enemies!
For security, you can use 6 different types of fortifications that were exhibited along the path of the enemy in the form of a maze.
Reflect attack and destroy enemies, improve strategy and Praise as a great commander!

- The tense atmosphere of the Second World War, spiced with beautiful graphics and great sound effects
- Easy management: construction underway by dragging and dropping items and zoom in / out can be a standard pinch the two fingers on the screen
- 75 levels with beautiful design + in the development of new
- 3 different game modes
- 6 types of upgradable towers
- 10 enemy units
- Special weapons: you can call the bombers to destroy all the enemies of the carpet bombing
- 3 different threads
- Enjoy the free and simple game with no problems!

What's new:
1. Critical Updates! Add 30 new cards! Contains 30 famous battles of World War II!
2. Fixed some bugs in the display, correct the error, which does not allow you to go to a level of 46, minor bugs medals.
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