Armed Heroes


Armed Heroes (Military Heroes) - A cross-platform MMORPG for mobile platforms. The publisher is KoramGames, has made a name for himself on creating browser-based games, the heat received by players and critics worldwide. Thanks to the experience the company has released the best mobile MMORPG. As a result, the first place in the app stores in China, Japan, South Korea and the U.S., and this summer Armed Heroes conquer the Russian market.

KORAMGAME game is Armed heroes (Military Heroes) and offers Russian-speaking users to experience the true heat of battle at their fingertips! Great design and easy gameplay of the new large-scale 3D MMORPG Armed Heroes gives players a previously unknown gaming experience! Feel the real battle in the most diverse and fascinating 3DMMORPG game! Armed Heroes, game legend, firmly established in the first places of app stores in the United States, Japan, South Korea and China.

Armed heroes (Military Heroes) is the best cross-platform 3DMMORPG for smartphones and tablets! And the best because the game has its own fast 3D engine, stunning special effects, comfortable gameplay! Feel the greatest warrior of ancient Europe, feel the fury of the heat of battle in the revolutionary new 3DMMORPG Armed Heroes!

- Each class has its own unique features.
- 6 types of characters - Mage, Archer, Warrior, Necromancer, and Slayer Knight. Complete freedom of choice!
- Explore the legacy of former times, making his way through the ancient and mysterious ruins.
- About one hundred different maps + different versions of passage. Meet danger alone or together with friends, choose 1 of 4 difficulty levels!
- PVP-arena, team world cup! Battle of Kingdoms and a new mode of cross-server war!
- More than 100 interesting locations! Come on their varying difficulty, but remember, the higher the complexity, the more powerful weapons you will need to crush the more powerful monsters.


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