Block Defender: Tower Defense


Tower Defense genre of games in the app store Google Play is growing. The effect of these defensive strategies can be deployed in any world is: from the fairy kingdoms and ending with outer space. To all the already existing diversity is now possible to add and "pixilated» Minecraft-version called Block Defender: Tower Defense.
This well-known representative of the entire genre is a kind of "symbiosis" tower strategies and sandbox Minecraft. Familiar to many modes of block construction is not here, but that's ready-made cubic landscapes and their respective characters - more than enough. If you are looking for TD-game in an unusual and original design, the Block Defender: Tower Defense for this role is fine.
You have to go through dozens of levels and stand in front of hundreds of waves of the same pixelated monsters. The game has a vibrant 3D-picture, so all of this action is to resemble the war in the style of LEGO. In terms of gameplay everything is pretty standard: a few corridors for the movement of enemies, one base to be protected, and a whole set of different towers / units.
Will have to hold back the invaders with the help of machine gunners, snipers, fans, and the Tesla cannon. All of these howitzers (more like Minecraft-unsuccessful experiments) has a certain range, speed and type of fire - one slows down, the other has a pop, burning a third, and so on. The success of victory lies in their competent arrangement on the battlefield, it always necessary to consider the trajectory of opponents and their accuracy.
Block Defender: Tower Defense has excellent balance in terms of the passage - if you're an avid fan of the genre TD, then all the many levels of this game is for you to just fly by. High-quality soundtrack brighten up the whole game dynamic melodies, perfectly fits into the block style of this creation. Rate mixture Minecraft Tower Defense and can be anyone. Need to download Android 2.0.1 or later.

- Really smooth 3d graphics
- 20 unique levels
- More than 5 block attackers
- 4 cool advocates with unique abilities
- A colorful style BLOCK
- A new level in the soundtrack and FX effects


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