Tentacle Wars FREE


The game Tentacle Wars FREE, which is a real-time strategy, offers you to take part in the battle of the immune system of the body with all sorts of viruses and diseases. Manage antibodies and use medication to stop the spread of diseases. Complete training in the game and start to implement various tasks! Your goal in each level - to win viruses, capturing cells with antibodies. Cured cells also need to make to produce antibodies that will go into further battle. Think over your tactics and win!

Rescue is still a living person from the invasion of microbes. In this game you have to act on the other side of what is happening when a person gets sick. Your main task - to destroy viruses and bacteria that threaten human body, otherwise - it threatens the death of another person.

As of strategic arcade game Tentacle Wars FREE you will be in the microscopic world, and took control of the antibody to do to combat the virus and mutants completely cure the human body.
Treat have over 80 levels and not to say that it was such a simple task. Basically - this is a typical game - a typical strategy arcade game in which you need to quickly perform certain actions or make decisions quickly and then you will be happy.
If you quickly get through all the levels that generally speaking, it is questionable as to just play at the very beginning, you should run the built-in generator and play, play, play ...
In graphic terms, this toy is, unfortunately, nothing special is not represented. Dark colors, a la the human innards, a schematic representation of DNA - a schematic drawing has to be torn and not all of it is under power.
But if you succeed, you will discover a very interesting, exciting and almost nothing on a similar game. Tentacle Wars is similar except on the Plague Inc. Once there we destroy mankind, and this time saving. And it is even more interesting and exciting.


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