Chicken Raid FREE


Chicken Raid FREE - in this game we have to destroy all the evil chickens (not to be confused with the birds) for the minimum number of moves. This is a puzzle game in which we will destroy fragile objects (boards, pieces of glass) to launch a chain of destruction and destroy our enemies.

Bright arcade for android - a kind clone of Angry Birds. A band or a band, call it what you want, self-confident and arrogant chickens attacked your territory. These bullies behave disgusting and not going to go away. But you can not miss! Find the weak spots in buildings in which chickens have fun and try to get there, thus causing a chain reaction that destroyed the structure, and with it, and crushed chicks. Use bombs and eventually unlock more interesting material that will add some color to the gameplay! multiple levels of a unique scenario, comics and "Songs of chickens."


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