Blastron - home of the most extreme sport for robots! On this planet converge pumped mechanical fighters, armed to the teeth and equipped with the very latest technology. Screws and nuts, jet engines and plasma guns, flying elephants and missiles of the "Iwo Nada" - all this you will find in the quality analog Worms called Blastron!

Any original game, which has become a hit, sooner or later have to act as a basis for analog from third party developers. In the well-known all about arcade armed worms already have a lot of clones, but the quality of projects among them one. Deservedly so you can refer to them and recently published the game Blastron, where the main role will perform mechanical robots.

Originally on this planet fights for "cans" you will be introduced to the solo battles, in which instead of the usual commands are the single robots. On the 2D-maps of fun turn-based battles take place in a life-and-death points. Four or more mechanical soldiers will be involved in the shootings, the destruction of one of them was a complete loss, padded robot may well appear on the same map and try to take revenge, so the strategy and tactics of surprise attack from hell, you can plan in advance.

A distinctive feature of Blastron is an opportunity not only to arm his "mechanical avatar", but to pump his outfit. For the head, torso and legs are available a variety of items that improve performance and get some more terrifying appearance. As for the weapons, the developers here, they say, "a walk in the glory." For you to provide more than 50 kinds of various guns, including: kotobomby, pandomety, slonoboi, roborezy, battering rams, and even weapons of mass destruction such as "doomsday" and "spicy gravy."

One of these pleasures can be opened as you progress through the campaign, and the other - to purchase for honestly earned bolts and gears. It should be noted that in the Market virtually no products that can be purchased only with the help of real investments are all available in both currencies, so a successful game will allow you to try out all the guns on the counter. Also, in order to demonstrate "vkusnyashek" with the frequency of a few hours in some units of weapons will be provided for free, so that everyone was able to test without having to buy.

Praise Blastron possible and for graphics, pretty good menu design and game levels leaves an extremely pleasant experience. You can allocate a separate animation robots themselves, who are not even in their turn can react to what is happening around: bomb flies over his head - eyes bulging, knocked out - screaming and panicking. These little things can spice up the usual "puppet zeroing" with static members. Is combined with a model of the dynamics and movement of robots that hover like astronauts on the moon. On any course you will be able to fly up to the enemy and "washed down the door" robopiloy or baffle.

The variety in such a duel and make various "boosters", allowing for a few battles to increase their performance. Such upgrades and bonuses are countless, so bored here obviously do not have to. We arm robot Suck his armor and go to the barricades single player or multiplayer. Network battles will let you in real-time to fight with others one-on-one or team by team. All this and many other "bun» Blastron, of which we have not mentioned, you will appreciate for free. Need only device on Android 2.3 and higher, the Russian language is present in the game.

- Makes its way to the top rankings of the hall of fame Blastrona during dynamic turn-based battles Network
- Collect and open views of various types of weapons and bonuses to help defeat the opponent and score the most points.
- Improve of the robot, creating thousands of unique combinations
- Collect piles of trophies scattered on the platforms to the sea to find weapons and items and score more points - this will help to break into the top ranks
- Play the campaign to become a champion Blastrona and get access to new weapons and robots for multiplayer

What are you waiting for? Go to Blastron and destroy the soul!

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- Correction of errors
- Optimization


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